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Drisurf Mi

35, Stockholm

Surfer & Yogi, health conscious, loves the ocean, and enjoys meeting new friends and connecting with old ones.

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Hello! I can teach you how to surf from basic knowledge to intermediate learning. My sessions are about 2 hours long. We start at the beach learning how to stand-up on the sand then basic safety measures before to jump into the water. One session is always fun but if you want to feel the progress you must book couple of sessions. For intermediate surfers we can go surf together and show you my favorite surf-spots and how to access to them! Regarding Surf equipment it's easy to rent a surfboard around the areas where I teach.


Indonesia, Bali, Canggu

North of Kuta and usually a bit bigger are the intermediate-friendly peaks at Canggu. The black sand moves around the reef a bit and sets do shift around, keeping the inevitable dawn crowd on their toes. The inside reef is tricky at low and high tide cuts off the beach in places so mid tide is often best, especially on the lefts. More peaks down the beach towards Pererenan.


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