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Kim Mathives


I try to get away as often as I can to be close to the ocean, to enjoy the sun and surf as much as I can. I have started surfing in France and have visited Morocco, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia and Spain to work as a surf instructor or just surf on my own. I have worked as a certified surf instructor for four years. I love to travel and to meet new people and I am stoked about this surf&yoga project , knowing who has started it :) . See you out there!

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I am a certified surf instructor by DWV (German Surfing Association). I biuld up my class all around your personal needs and level. Before the lesson I understand your level of surfing, and depending on the conditions choose a spot and a daily goal, that we try to reach during our session. I am as happy to stay on the beach to help you catch your first waves in the white water as well as to paddle out with you and help you read and understand the waves, catch green waves and learn bottom turns. Beginner: Theory of wave breaking, current, tides, paddling, the right position on your board, catching white water waves, take off Intermediate: Paddling, duckdiving or eskimo roll, reading waves and positioning, green wave take off, bottom turn, making speed. Spot guiding Just contact me to talk about a meeting point, the conditions and the spot we are going to surf. I am happy to provide you with information about the spots around and how to read the forecast if you need some input.


Europe, Spain, Oyambre

Long beach with several shifting peaks. Works at most tides. Some shelter at western end from SW and W winds. Moderately consistent, although smaller than main exposures. Rarely or never crowded. “Parc Natural” setting with rolling hills and plenty of space. Easy parking, limited facilities. Clean agua. ©


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