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Abdel El Harim


Certified Surf coach. Pro-Surfer (Champion of Africa 2015). Very social, love meeting new people, dancing, laughing, traveling the world and surfing. Speaks 5 languages.

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I am a certified Surf Coach which means I can help you progress in your Surfing. I can also give lessons to beginners.


Europe, France, Hossegor (La Graviere)

Sited on an old gravel pit, this is the legendary Hossegor tube spot. Dredging the rivermouth has affected wave quality in the past, but it is back with a vengeance, hosting pro-surfing competitions in huge conditions, including the 2011 Quik Pro. Sometimes white-caps outside, rolls in and reforms, standing up over the shallow inside bars. Heavy, thick-lipped beasts, break perilously close to shore and often close-out, snapping more boards than just about anywhere. Tidal range radically affects the window for ideal conditions, as does swell period, which decides if it is messy and inconsistent or lined-up and bombing through. The rip speed usually rises in direct proportion with the swell height and on big days, only the tow crew will be able to get into the sets before being swept south in the current. Humbling for all, but the barrel experts and the pros. Facilities down the beach at Hossegor's Front de Mer. Park along Blvd de Front de Mer (D79) and use slatted access paths through the stabilised dunes. Park along Blvd De Front de Mer (D79) and use access paths or park at La Nord and walk up the beach. ©


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