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Mindful Bali


I'm a licensed mindfulness trainer in the area of Canggu (Bali) but above all I am a practitioner. I teach mindfulness courses privately and in groups consisting out of six full sessions. During the sessions I combine mindfulness meditation, cognitive psychology and Buddhist teachings. Stress, unhappiness and dissatisfaction is caused by being 'here' and wanting to be 'there'. Work together with me on a happier and healthier mind by training how to be in the present moment without judging yourself and accepting whatever there is. I also teach yin yoga classes in which I combine long held deep stretches with mindfulness meditations to become fully present and grounded.

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The Mindfulness course consists out of 6 sessions adapted to your personal needs. Every session incorporates mindfulness meditations, cognitive psychology and Buddhist teachings. During the course you will have to practice mindfulness at home for 45 minutes a day. Each session has a different theme such as 'recognising your automatic pilot', 'acceptance', 'thoughts are not facts' and 'dealing with difficulties and physical pain'. During the course you will train your mind to be more in the present moment, to be less critical and judgmental of oneself and others, and to accept what you can not change. It helps to you recognize your habitual patterns and to break through them and deal with life in a healthier way by being mindful. Mindfulness will become a tool in daily life which enables you to live life to the fullest in the present moment and deal with the hardships in a more healthy and mindful manner.



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