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About Us

Welcome to Surf & Yoga

Surf and Yoga is an online community where surf and yoga fans can search and find Surf and Yoga activities anywhere in the world for a truly unique experience.

Surf and yoga business owners can instantly register and showcase their business profiles. define their availability, receive payments, and communicate with their clients. Clients can look for surf or yoga activities, review their profiles, book adventures, and leave feedback.

How does Surf and Yoga Connect?

Zen and stoke are two sides of the same coin: they are the product of living, truly, in the present. Once on a wave, nothing else matters, only the festival of light and water surrounding you, filling you with an inexplicable euphoria, which “only a surfer knows the feeling”. Likewise, after an hour of yoga and meditation, all worries vanish, giving way to the infinite and empowering energy of the universe found within. In essence, surfing and yoga quench the same thirst: the need to live in the moment, a primal yet often neglected need. Most importantly, surfing and yoga connect like-minded people, creating new friendships, spontaneous adventures, and a sense of community that is highly needed in today’s self-centered trends.

Join our adventure and community. Do what you want; anywhere you want, with somebody like you.

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