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apply to become an instructor

What kind instructor are you? (you can only chose one)

Do you have a certificate or a training?

Having a certificate is not necessary but it’s a plus.

are you qualified to be an instructor?

  • Experienced and passionate about Surfing or Yoga
  • Service and quality oriented
  • Social and love meeting new people
Education and certification is not required

why sign up in surf&yoga

Our website will serve as meeting point where Surf or Yoga Instructors can register, showcase themselves, define their availability, receive payments and feedbacks and communicate with their clients.
On the other hand clients can reg


  • Be your own boss
  • Receive payment
  • No need to be certified
  • Meet new people
  • Easy to use website

three easy steps set up



Create your account, Upload your avatar, Say where do you come from and Write something about your self.


set your account

Edit your location, Connect your payment details, and upload your cover pictures. Set your price, describe your session and define your availability.


start teaching

Connect with student, set meeting point, and get paid through safe and secure method.

what happen next

We will contact you as soon as possible. After you have been approved as an instructor, you will receive an invitation link to set-up your account.